Yes! All Ortodon puzzle sets are compatible with each other. They have the same mountings, which allows the sets to be combined.

Yes, of course. Sets from 1 year old +, namely "Space", "Baby", "Rainbow" (has 6 soft and 1 hard puzzle) have a soft surface of the puzzles, which will not harm your child. The child may also crawl or lean on the parent's arm if he is not walking on his own yet.

- Sets for children aged 3 + have at least 2 hard puzzles in them. Hard puzzles can cause discomfort in a child under 3 years old and then it will simply stop walking on them until the moment when he realizes that he is ready.

You can try the "Rainbow" set, which has 6 soft and 1 hard puzzle and if your child gets used to this set, you will know that your child is ready for sets for children aged 3+.

Sure! One of the purposes of our sets is the prevention of foot disorders. Puzzles help children to strengthen the muscles of the foot, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the formation of the arch of the foot.

But it is important to understand that for a full-fledged treatment, a complex approach is needed: shoes, swimming, physiotherapy, etc. This requires a consultation with a specialist.

"ECO" set withstands up to 110 lb, all other sets carry up to 220 lb.

If you and your children do not enjoy your purchase, then we offer a refund within 30 days after receiving the package. You can lear more here

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